As there will be a committee meeting on Wednesday evening (11th October)

Training will be from 6.15 – 7.45pm for Fledglings AND Main Team.
Please ensure parents are fully aware of the change in times.

Here are the details for the display at Burnham Carnival on 30th September 2017.

Meet CVHS: 12.30pm

Meet at Venue: 2pm

Display: 3pm

Return CVHS: 5-5.30pm

Please let me know if you require a seat on the minibus. Remember, seats are limited and it’s a first ask, first seated basis!

New Romney Country Fayre – Saturday 29th July 2017

Dear Parents and Gymnasts,

As you are aware, The Blue Falcons have been asked to perform at the above venue.

Due to the distance, I have arranged for the team to travel by coach. To assist with the cost of hiring the coach we will be asking for a small fee of £3 per gymnast/ASG.

The gymnasts will need to be at CVHS by 6.15am at the very latest.

We will be performing twice during the day at 1.45pm and 4.15pm

(Prior to this we have been invited to join the parade to Fairfield Road.)

We aim to be back at CVHS approx. 8.00pm- 8.30pm.

Gymnasts will be advised to contact parents about 20 minutes before arrival at CVHS to confirm collection time. It would be appreciated if parents could wait until the team have unloaded the lorry and put equipment away before taking their children home.

The gymnasts MUST wear their travelling kit.

They will need the following:

  • Food for the day and/or money to purchase food.
  • Plenty of water! It will be a long and possibly warm day and gymnasts will need to keep hydrated.
  • Money for small purchases at the event.
  • Mobile phone (fully charged)
  • Sun cream (dependant on weather)
  • Inhalers, Epipens etc.,


If you are taking your child/children personally, could you please confirm this on the slip below.

Please return the completed and signed slip including money to me by Wednesday 26th July 2017.

Many thanks,


Annie Girling

PR For The Blue Falcons Gymnastic Display Team

Many thanks.

 Annie Girling
Attendance confirmation form. Please fill in and send money to training.

I will be attending the display above.

UPDATE – Members Contact Information.

Jason Girling now has a phone number dedicated to members, to confirm attendance at displays as well as to inform him of any changes.

Jason Girling on 07756538865.

IMPORTANT MESSAGE: We have two more dates to add to our calendar.

Saturday 8th July – CVHS – Summer Creative Arts Festival

Saturday 30th September – Burnham Carnival

Please let Jason Girling know your availability as soon as possible.

Thank you

Annie Girling


All Kit orders for this season are now complete.


Confirm Attendance at a Display

Please use this form to confirm attendance to the next display.

I will be attending the display above.